Many New Orleans residents and visitors are interested in sports betting.

This is because the city offers great tourist and sports attractions such as the New Orleans Saints champions of the NFC South in 2020.

The problem is that the city has not yet legalized sports betting.

On November 3, 2020, each parish inside the state of Louisiana voted Yes for sports betting in the state.

But New Orleans residents will have to wait until the lawmakers decide what the rules and regulations for sports betting will be.

Does this mean that the New Orleanians cannot place sports bets?

The answer is no; New Orleans residents have other options for placing their sports bets and get all the gambling action they want.

They can use the services of offshore betting operators.

International sportsbooks can receive bets from any resident of New Orleans without any problem.

Specifically, federal and state laws do not prohibit gambling through offshore operators.

In other words, as long as you are 18 years old and have internet access, you can place sports bets from anywhere in New Orleans.

A Great Business Opportunity

The fact that the New Orleanians have to turn to offshore operators to place bets opens a great business opportunity for those who want to venture into the betting industry.

Establishing a gambling business through an international Pay Per Head provider is very simple and requires little investment.

Moreover, anyone can become a bookie. Thanks to the services and platforms provided by Pay Per Head providers.

In addition, people don’t need vast knowledge to start a betting business. Since on the internet, there are many resources that teach everything you need to know to be a successful bookie.

For example, through sites like You can access reviews and analyses of the best Pay Per Head Reviews and Providers in the industry.

Thanks to these sites, it is effortless to analyze and choose the best Pay Per Head provider to create our betting business.

New Orleans presents an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs who know how to take advantage of it. And take the step of starting a gambling business.